Script Writing

Photo credit: 1001 Inventions #salvathomas #lumentofilms

Photo credit: 1001 Inventions #salvathomas #lumentofilms

I worked with chemist Andres Tretiakov and the team at 1001 Inventions to write an interactive script full of action and live demonstrations, Journeys from Alchemy to Chemistry. A wonderful team of actors performed the show at UNESCO headquarters in Paris for the launch of the International Year of the Periodic Table in front of hundreds of schoolchildren, who also enjoyed hands-on chemistry workshops and an animated film narrated by Jim Al-Khalili.



The Science Museum’s learning team commissioned me to help them script a hand-drawn animation exploring how the science capital approach can help transform science centres and museums: Science Capital and the Informal Science Sector.

I have worked with 1001 Inventions, the award-winning international science and cultural heritage organisation, for over ten years. I wrote the script for a theatre show, 1001 Inventions and Cures from the East, about how pioneers from the East contributed to modern day healthcare and medicine. It launched for British Science Week 2018 with a live event at the Royal Society in London in which Emma King played Lady Mary Montague and Nicholas Khan played Al-Zahrawi, with the Al Firdous Ensemble providing music.


I helped write the story for the short film 1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn al-Haytham (2015) working with director Ahmed Salim. The film, about the 10th-century pioneer in light and vision Ibn al-Haytham, was a key element of UNESCO’s celebrations in 2015 for the International Year of Light.