Rising Tide – my new EP of original songs

My new EP is now available, called Rising Tide. In a review, Hot Music Live said ‘this is music which unashamedly tackles the tribulations of life but mediates it by offering escape routes’. You can find five tracks everywhere on streaming, and if you buy the EP on Bandcamp you can download a bonus extra track. BUT because I don’t want you to miss out on it, drummer Dave Forster has made me this fantastic drum cover of the extra song, called No Fury. Have a listen, the lyrics are a little bit dark but the flugelhorns are great and there is a wonderful achey guitar solo.

The track listing for the EP is Longest Day, Know You Less, A Little Goes a Long Long Way, Tell Me Again, and the title track, Rising Tide. Produced by Mark ‘Parky’ Stevens, the new EP features Liam Stuchbury on guitars, Brendan O’Neil on bass, Parky on drums, percussion and flugelhorn, and Matt Berry and Parky on backing vocals. PJ Wright has put amazing guitar solos on two of the tracks, and Natalie Yeap did a lead vocal on one. I wrote the songs, played the piano and sang.

I’ve been out to play the songs in various forms with my October Band, which at the Banbury Christmas Lights Switch On consisted of Liam, Brendan, me and guest drummer Krzysztof Kuzas from Nuclear Fusion.

I also played at Banbury Canal Festival, this time with band including Parky, Brendan, and guest guitarist Gordon Raitt.

And I’ve played the songs at Lighthorne Folk Club, with Liam and Matt.

Creating a new sound with a band

After I’d written the songs, I asked Liam how he would interpret them on guitar, which worked just like I hoped by kicking them out of their piano-based sensibleness. His playing on the recordings sits really well with the piano that’s still there in the mix. The cover art is by Jonathan Yeap based on a photograph from Amsterdam. It’s a canal so it probably doesn’t have a rising tide, but still.

Underground EP

My debut collection was Underground, produced by Matt Berry, and you can find tracks from it on YouTube and all streaming services. Below you can hear All In The Mind, which had radio play on BBC Introducing in Oxfordshire. Andy Holdcroft kindly reviewed the EP and said:

“a most compelling debut… between the expected & the surprising. It’ll mess with your mind I think, but in a way which will stimulate rather than traumatise it.” – Hot Music Live

Debut Foxes album: Fabric of a Flawed Society

Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes, who I play fiddle with, launched our debut album on 5.5.23.

Fabric of a Flawed Society is a tightly-woven collection of songs on all our favourite political and social topics – I contributed one that’s about the rush you get from being on Twitter too much. You will hear us all playing our instruments to the max and even spot some guests in the mix. Meet the band here.

The new album has had lovely reviews.

“Listening to the band, you’ll probably feel like dancing until the music stops & then going straight off & using the dynamics of your high to help put something right.”
Rise Up… seems to draw on Ukrainian folk music as an inspiration while Rebecca’s prominent playing very much recalls the style of Scarlet Rivera.”

Since launching the album

During 2023 we made our debut at the New Forest Folk Festival, entertained dancing crowds at the Brasenose Cropredy Fringe, supported Wonderstuff’s Miles Hunt and Ben Ottewell from Gomez, and played main support for the Levellers’ Mark Chadwick at the Great Barn Festival.

We’re working on a new acoustic album now and looking forward to playing some great gigs – subscribe to our newsletter on the band website to stay in touch, and check out our live dates.